Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 11th… Well line broke, cookout successful, Barn ok!


Well, (that’s a deep subject) Especially when you get up, get your coffee, go to the deck and see the wild geese with their little ones foraging along the bank of the Pupskill Bay Lake.

Then we went to the brooding house and installed the nylon screen where it was needed. I then went to the barn to replace the broken tie board and Vicki went into the house to get ready for the cookout, after which she would come out and help me at the barn until slightly before Rich and everyone was to show up.

First beam ready to go up once cut to length.

While this was in progress, Dick showed up with his excavator to fix the well line that was obviously leaking.

He started digging and at 6’ he found the line which was white PVC plastic and the leak was right at a coupling.

In fact, the coupling split right in two. (Now neither Dick nor I have ever seen hard PVC plastic pipe used in a lateral run from a well casing to a house…..only down the well from the pitman adapter. We decided to fix it temporarily and replace it with ¾” soft black nylon water pipe later since it was Sunday and everyone would close early, so Vicki took a thunder run to GNH to pick up supplies per Dick. We could only get hard PVC couplings and pipe like was there to fix it.

After it was fixed, we decided that we would just forget about replacing the line until it sprung another leak…..if it ever did. If it would leak later, it wouldn’t be any more work to dig it up and replace the line then than now…..nor anymore expensive either. OK……..FORGOTTEN!

The cookout was enjoyable and everyone ate their fill and chatted until it was time for them to go home and here we are………..blogging about it all!

Vicki's brother Rich and his wife Robin

Katie, Rich & Robins Daughter....our niece.

There are 8 more posts to nail down with the 4’ re-bar and then we are ready for the beams to be set!

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