Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 25th…Took Vicki to the EmUrgentCare Unit!!!!

Took Vicki to Coxsackie to the EmUrgentCare clinic along route 9W. They gave Vicki a shot of Toradol, which did absolutely nothing for her. They also gave her two prescriptions. One was for more Toradol tablets and one for Lyrica, which is a nerve medicine. We dropped the prescriptions off at the Greenville RiteAid, where we went through the drive thru window, and told them we would go home and eat lunch, then come back to pick up them up. We pulled in to the drive thru window at 5:02 and the window was closed……which prompted me to go to the prescription counter which was also closed. They closed at 5:00 pm and although the pharmacist was still there, they would not give me Vicki’s filled prescriptions which were sitting in a pickup box behind the counter. Greenville is filled with more asses than a public toilet, so tonight, Vicki tries to sleep without her pain medication again, because we were 2 minutes late at the pharmacy. They didn’t post an early quit at the drive through window or have the decency to mention it when they collected the prescriptions or the payment for them earlier. We will finish our current business with them tomorrow morning and then never go there again. There are other places to spend our money outside of Greenville. We originally wanted to support local businesses, but if the businesses cannot serve us, why should we support them. We’ll live to hear them complain that no one from Greenville shops here, they go elsewhere.


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