Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28th…. Over the hump & on our way to recovery!!

The last two nights Vicki has been able to sleep the entire night…. the night before that, she slept ¾ of the night. I think we have turned the corner and she is on the mend! Dr. Lee is convinced we should treat this with rest and maintain correct position of the affected disc with minor adjustments as the healing process takes place over the next few weeks. The important thing is to keep the disc in perfect alignment while everything heals so it is perfectly positioned where it should be when the healing is complete. The inflammation is decreasing and the pain associated with the inflammation obviously decreases proportionately. That is evidenced by Vicki’s ability to walk, still slightly guarded, but at least now she can walk. Now we must make sure she doesn’t over do it since she is feeling better and is raring to go. The barn, sitting out there……uncompleted……… beckons, along with the animals, flowers, fishing and everything else dear to her heart that she would rather be doing than lying on a couch watching TV. I must constantly remind her of the following equation: 1 wrong move = reversal to day 1 and a restart from zero all over again. We are two weeks into this healing process of a total 5 weeks or so……..we can’t go back and start all over for a stupid mistake now….. the summer will be gone if we do that! So I watch her….and I remind her!!!!!

Thursday We will get the skid steer loader from Windham. It will be delivered in the morning hours and I will start cutting beams to length and place them as soon as it arrives. By days end, I would guess we will be ready to place the steps and get plywood from Lowe’s for the loft flooring. I still feel we are on schedule for the Jersey boys on Friday, June 27th. Vicki and I must make a trip to New Jersey sometime in the next two weeks to visit Sally before she departs for Slovakia late in June. Sally, Matthew and the kids, Nickolas and Bryan, are returning to be with family and I think Matt’s brother Mark will be going too. Sally and the kids are leaving late in June while Matt and Mark will stay here an additional year to work, bank their money and then finally before they leave, sell their house in New Jersey. We will miss them dearly. Matthew is one of the two that did the expansion of the upstairs for us and without Matt and Jerry, we would never have been able to afford to do the expansion. We will forever be indebted to them for such a kind, terrific favor.

Now Matt and his brother Mark will complete the upper level of our barn and do the roofing before they leave, and then we’ll maybe never see them again. How sad to lose good friends even though they will be going home. We’ll still miss them even though we want them to be happy. Anyway, we must go see them before Sally leaves for Slovakia.

More Later. Gotta see what today brings!!

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