Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12th….clouds are running backwards!! Uh-oh!!!

It’s supposed to be nice today, but the clouds are running backwards, which is not good! Either it will be abnormally cold and windy, it will rain or at least stay gloomy all day long. I will get to the barn today in any case, and drive the other re-bar in the needed posts to be ready for the beams to be set.

Try to spread the word to all your friends about the website and blog. I want to see how far it will go and how many regular followers we can generate. We will be covering some pretty neat things this summer when all the building is completed. We plan on pictures from certain historical sites and some of natural beauty and we will give as much historical data about the places we feature as possible. Also we will cover some of the area hot spots like restaurants and different shopping areas and such, so pass the word. Tell everyone to get here by simply typing into any browser and it will take them to the blog or our website and they can click on the journal link there.

We are having so much fun and not enough time to do everything. We want to build, mow grass, take care of the critters, fish, take pictures, go boating on the Hudson, trout fish, do our painting and artwork (which is more Vicki than me), travel, visit friends, make new friends, do some photography in the field catching animals in their natural settings, write my books and poetry and many, many more things……..but we run out of time. (and everyone asks what we are going to do when we get bored since we are retired, go back to work somewhere?)

Well, anyway………. keep an eye on us and spread the word! We’ll see what today brings and worry about tomorrow then!

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