Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19th….. No better! This is getting nasty now!

Cable was out all morning long. Just came back on!

Man it’s cold outside today! Here it is afternoon and it’s all the way up to 49 degrees. WHEW!! what a scorcher! So much for that stupid global warming crap that everyone worries about. Now the news is again disputing the global warming thing…..check it out. It was on AOL news again this morning.

Vicki is getting nasty now. She wants to go and the body says NO. She knows something is out of position and she is going to flip out if something isn’t done and done soon. She is sure that the SI joint is the culprit and she is going to talk to Lee about it. She also called Beth which is her massage therapist. Don’t know if Beth got back to her yet or not.

While she was exercising her leg and showering, I went to the brooding house, fed and watered everybody there, fed and watered the young ducks and put nylon screen on the left side where the ducks used to be. After that, I split the bird load by putting half the chickens on the left and the rest on the right top. The bunnies are still on the left bottom until I get two hutches built and two more male pens and then they will move to the outside area. The turkeys are on the right bottom. That gives the three of them a 24” x 48” x 36” high area where they can run, fly, jump eat and drink. They love it!!

Little duckies are growing fast!

The new nylon screen on left

Had all the birds together on the right side

The turkeys have grown huge!

The Bunnies are happy and quiet......Always

Half the brood of chickens

The other half of the regular brood

The special Bantams

Tell me you're allowed this close to wild geese chicks.

So cute!

They're all around the barn whether we're working or not!

The barn is on hold right now. I don’t really want to get involved with beam setting and leave Vicki all alone in the house all day. Doing the feeding and cleaning out at the chickens and ducks takes enough time and I wouldn’t want to be trapped in here by myself if I couldn’t walk either. I hope this is resolved soon, for her sake!

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