Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13th end of a prosperous day!! See the difference now!

What a day, Started out this morning with a cup of coffee, a piece of chocolate roll cake and sitting on a beam planning the day. The planning went kaput when after finishing the stairwell, the truck showed up with the roofing and assorted trim pieces.

Just finished framing in the stairwell when the roofing truck came.

Finally got the roofing from Bradco. Was ordered for a long time.

After he unloaded and was on his way, I went to setting beams and Ol’ Vick Donald went to mowing….and by 12:00 Noon, we quit to go to Catskill for Sweet Vicki to have x-rays of her back taken and sent to Dr. Lee on the mountain.

Ol' Vick Donald mowed the grass, eeeei, eeei, oooh!

Up the beam goes into the air.............

Then I gently maneuver the beam into lifting position....... 

Once lifted unto the tieboards, I push it up onto them, set it up and align it...

Once aligned, an angle clip goes underneath, tying beam to post, then a plate nailed between beams, (on both sides) locks it in!

When we got back, I set two more beams and got the last low beam ready to set first thing in the morning. Oddly enough, I started on the stairwell and ended the day on the stairwell beam. It’s on the saw horses ready to be cut.

14'6" beams span this opening across the beams on top for floor.

Beams are in place everywhere but on the stairwell posts.

We'll probably call Dick for the skid steer loader tomorrow. We'll really make the beams fly then!!



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