Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6th… Tops ready to come off & beams to go on!!!

We finished the tie boards all around the top…outside and inside. Now we are ready to cut the tops off flush with the top of the tie boards and set the huge beams for the roof and hay loft floor. Once we figure out the steps, get the risers made and place it and cut the other beams, we call have the skid steer loader with forks delivered and set them in place. I snapped a couple pictures of the structure, because after a million times up and down the ladder, my knees are shot for the day. I’ll cut tops tomorrow now.

The barn is starting to take shape. Tops off flush tomorrow!

Here’s another news flash!!!!! Marvin has a girlfriend! Her name is Mary and she is quite a cute little Muskrat lady!!! I got a couple pictures of Marvin and Mary courting’ and a spoonin’ this afternoon. Here they are.

Marvin & Mary....In love.... Muskrat Love!!!!

Marvin and Mary frolicked all day long!!

Marvin finally wanted to know if I was a pervert, watching them like that, so I left. Embarrased, I might add.

Also, about 5:00 when we were wrapping everything up and putting it away, we got the call! Agway said we had 10 Buff Orpington chicks and 10 black Wyandotte chick’s ready to pick up…………….sooooooooooo off we went and brought them home and put them into peep haven under the heat lamps. Given another week, it should get pretty interesting around here. We’ll have little flying peepers all over the place!

Another tidbit of news…..The duckies are now entertaining the wild geese at the little duckie pond just off the side of the Pupskill bay lake. Here’s a few pictures of the visitation.

The ducks and the Wild geese are buddies. When they land, the ducks go running to talk to them.


They're so tame I get this close to them when they're visiting.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Goose....Gary and Gladys DaGoose.

By the way!!! I’m still working on the electrical license. Those four bubble butt, hose nosed tyrants haven’t seen the last of me……not by a long shot!! I don’t give up that easy.

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