Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8th… So shoot us! We didn’t work on the barn!!

We had intentions to place the 2x6’s around the bottom of the outside perimeter posts, but we decided to do our running to get the re-bar, drill and hangers today. Tomorrow we will go get the 6x6 posts we need and place them if we can. (if it isn’t raining)

We have some exciting news……This morning, we observed Gary and Gladys DaGoose and guess what? They had five little quackers with them. They were out there for quite sometime, then disappeared. We’ll see Marvin and Mary Muskrat with their offspring one of these days too.

Gary and Gladys with their little ones!

They paraded them around for us to see and give our approval!

Just look how they brought them closer and closer!

They know we would never hurt then or their chicks.

Yes, Gary We see them! Oooh Gladys, you have beautiful children.

Just when we thought we would start the flowerbed, the phone rang…..can you guess????????? yepper….we had Bantams to pick up…..the 10 replacements. Off we went to get the birds and brought them home to Peep Land and got them under heat…feed on paper….and water on a plate. That did the trick…in short order they looked pretty good. All the critters are looking nice. AND GROWING LIKE WEEDS!


Peeps, Peeps, Peeps everywhere!

And a few more Peeps at the other end!

Oh yeah, I forgot, We have da ducks too!!

Now Dats Some nice Turkeys dare!! What ja tink???

We got down to business this afternoon and finished the flower bed which completes the deck expansion project and I must say, it turned out fabulous. That Ol’ Vick Donald is one hell of a carpenter….She was right on it!!

Now that's a nice deck!! I don't care who ya are that's NICE!


Looking down along what we just did tonight to finish up.

The steps and left section we did last time.

TOMORROW……….THE BARN! (we hope)

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