Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21st….Sunny, warm, Vicki back to square one.

This is getting no better as the days creep by. Vick has a good couple hours, then goes back the other way. I suggested that she and Dr. Lee talk about a referral to an MD to get to the bottom of this. It has been too long and Vick is starting…..actually continuing (she started days ago) to become depressed about not being able to walk and the ever present pain. Something is not right and we need someone to find out what it is with x-rays or an MRI or CAT scan or what ever is needed. She is going to call Lee this morning to work out the details of a referral.

I need to get Vick into a comfortable chair outside for awhile and as she enjoys the sun and fresh air, I can put another six beams up on the barn and be ready for Dick, who is coming on Monday to place the other 30 high beams on the 20 low beams I have already put up. After that, we will be ready to set the steps in the stairwell and go to Lowe’s for 2x4’s for the perlins around the bottom, where the board & Batten goes and the upstairs hay loft walls. We have decided to work on the board & batten walls downstairs and the interior dividing walls until Matt and Mark come to build the upstairs and roofing. This, of course, is contingent upon Vicki’s recovery as presently planned. If her condition is going to be more time consuming, then we will change this plan accordingly.

OK……gotta go and feed the crew and see what needs taken care of out there. Keep ya posted!

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