Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10th….9:45PM….Just a little more poundin’ to do!!!!

We got a massive amount of “can’t see” work done today.  

That’s the work that has to be done, but you can’t see it when it’s completed. We put the bottom boards around which is the board that the board and battens nail to at the bottom. Also……these are the ones the all-thread bolts fast and gives the bearing surface that keeps the post from sinking in the muddy muck down under there. We then drilled angled holes and drove 4’ re-bar into the holes in different directions. Still have 6 more 4 foot long re-bars to drive in tomorrow. In the end, I had the first 14.5 foot beam up and on the tie boards and as I was muscling the other end up on the ladder, the tie board broke and as before I chose to “shit and git” in case it would break the second tie board and come all the way down, so I played “throw and go”. I just threw all the weight of the beam (which is 6”x10” by 14 feet long back onto the bucket of the loader and jumped off of the ladder to safer parts known. Now, tomorrow, I have to unscrew then broken 2x6 and replace it before I can put the beam up where it belongs. For tonight, Mine ass is a draggin’….. so I’m off to the shower and bed. We could have taken pictures, but they would actually look like the ones we’ve been showing. Maybe soon, we can show a picture that you see a change in. Keep watching.

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