Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17th…. Same stuff, different day!! Vicki is no better!

We went to Dr. Lee’s at 12:30 this afternoon and he checked her out. He is about as perplexed as we are with this thing. He found nothing of importance out of position, but is sure it is the Sciatic nerve that is inflamed for some reason. He is sure because of the area that she is experiencing the excruciating pain. Sciatic Nerve pain is about the most severe pain you can have because it is unrelenting and like a burning constant toothache. Imagine a Charlie horse…..then accentuate it 10 times. Actually, unless you have ever had it, you cannot ever imagine how it feels.

I stopped at Price Chopper on the way home, left Vick in the car and bought enough goods for the next 2 days meals which Vick will have to endure. I’m big on some foods, like the Sloppy Joes we had for lunch. One pound of hamburger, one large Vidalia onion, catsup, brown sugar and sweet & tangy BBQ sauce. (A real KILLER in the big league indigestion book)

I stayed at Vicki’s side other than gathering the food and cooking, so this is the extent of the blog for today. Hoping tomorrow is better………..BYE

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