Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 4th… We made astonishing headway today!!

We are tired this evening, but happy with our progress on the barn considering that we went to Rensselaerville to view Stanley Maltzmans exhibit of nude Art displayed in the Guggenheim Pavilion of the Rensselaerville Institute. It is slated to exhibit for the entire month of May.

Here is a beautiful old mill in Rensselaerville.

This is the mill dam and the wooden slough tube that carried water to the mill. This is raw, aniquated craftsmanship of years ago.


Another view of the wooden slough to the mill. Simply ingenious!

Get a load of this! A wooden Dam!!!!! The breast of the dam is wooden boards placed across the overflow. AMAZING!

This little town in Albany county is rich in Historical sites. We must have seen eight to ten historical plaques denoting historical data about the buildings and the people that constructed them. Rensselaerville is such a quaint little town with the mill, an original Federal Library from 1798, stores, churches and beautiful houses. You wouldn't know it from a very quaint New England town. BEAUTIFUL! in every respect of the word...a must see town!!

We worked on the barn a little this morning before going to Stanley’s opening, and then again when we returned home. We got all the perimeter tie boards on and some of the interior boards. We will work some on it tomorrow before I go before the Greene County Board of Electrical Examiners to discuss my application for the Class A Master Electrician License which I have been trying to acquire since 2005. I ran my own residential and commercial electrical business for years and I was an industrial electrician and maintenance manager for 37 years in Pennsylvania, none of which requires licensing. That makes it almost impossible to prove your skill level because there are no written records I can produce to give the board, so I must appear before them to show them proof of my experience, etc. (I guess) Anyway, we will work on it in the morning and be there at 2:00, then whenever that is over, we will return home and we will resume work on the barn. Below are the pictures of where we got until we quit for the night.


The barn is now coming to life.

You can see changes now. It is starting to take on the looks of a building.

Now you can see the barn taking shape. Soon we will be ready to place the big beams on top, install steps and lay the top floor.

Vicki also got a picture of Marvin the Muskrat. He lives in a burrow in the bank of the Pupskill Bay Lake.

Enter "Marvin the Muskrat"!

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