Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5th… Greene County closely mirrors mafia management!!

Today was a reflection of the movie “The Godfather” when the peasant goes in front of the Godfather asking for a favor.

These guys need to run into someone with the funds and connections needed to make them clean up their act. They have this county so sewn up, that they can keep you from working. They say “We aren’t keeping you from working, you’re keeping you from working if you can‘t produce the required documents proving 5 years of experience.” Actually, if you have a skill level as an electrician with 37 years of experience from a state that requires no licensing, insurance (because all work is inspected) or record keeping (which the state doesn’t even do) How can a person produce such records? NOT to get the license mind you…..JUST to take their stupid TEST!!! Yes, you heard me right, you need all this crap just to take their freakin’ test. Now, let me tell you, if you won’t leave me take your test, YOU ARE KEEPING ME FROM WORKING!! PERIOD!! They actually told me to go to another area and get licensed, or take a job with an electrician for 5 years and then apply to take the test.

CUT me some slack…. I trained people to do electrical work… performed electrical work for 37 years using 12,470 volt to 115 VAC… had an electrical business doing residential and commercial wiring and designed electrical systems to upgrade machinery. AHHH, Greene county politics sucks!!!!!

I’m going back to building a barn and I’ll spend time with Vicki and the animals. You can trust them and turn your back on them, unlike these yoyo‘s.

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