Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2nd… Got a little done…Damned little!!

We are running into the same thing daily. Something is always pulling us away from the barn building…..rain or something that takes time and the first thing you know, the day is gone. Today, it was hangers. We simply needed 26 of the little 2x6 steel hangers so we could start placing the 2x6’s in a honeycomb pattern to lock in the spacing and hold true plumb and square of the building. We also stopped at the medical supply to pick up a knee brace for Sweet Vicki. They said if she had a prescription, it would be covered by the insurance, so we went to the doctors office for a prescription. A half hour later, Vicki had an examination by the Dr. and a prescription for the knee brace. Then we went back to the medical supply house where it took another half hour to three quarters of an hour to get the brace after they tried to sell Vicki the most expensive they had (even though they wouldn’t fit)

We then went to GNH for the hangers which we got for 0.68 cents a piece. While there we checked the price of the 6” hangers so we could hanger the eleven 6x10’s. They wanted $35.00 each!! I couldn’t believe it!! I even took one to the counter for a price check…after which, they informed me that the price was correct and I informed them that they were freaking’ nuts!

Now we headed home an hour and a half wasted…. on what? Nothing!!!!!!!


How it looked when we started this morning.

Hard to see, but this is where we quit today!

At least everything is straight and level!!!!! It rained on us and we went to GNH and the Dr. and the medical supply house. Not too bad I guess. Tomorrow we work all day on the barn....... no leaving for anything.

I’ll guarantee the 6x10 beams will be hung without hangers. Stay tuned tomorrow!

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