Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20th… What will today bring? It’s beautiful out there.


Yesterday was as the day before….We went Dr. Lee’s and he went over Vicki again and we discussed her symptoms and how the pain was migrating down her leg into thigh, now the calf. He (and Vicki) still points to the SI joint as the initial problem aggravated by compensation, (ie, hopping on the other leg on steps, tilting the pelvis, placing all the load on the other knee, etc., etc.) which is causing the original problem to affect and cause problems elsewhere. There was still a slight concern about a clot. Not the usual clot which exhibits redness and other indications……this was a fear of a deep clot, so Vick agreed with Lee when he ordered a Doppler test and we had that done on the way home. Knowing that they only send you home when the Doppler test is normal, we were relieved when he said we could go. (they do not give the Doppler results, but if it’s ok, you go home, if not, you go to a hospital.) Even though, she is still in pain when she stands up straight. We’ll see how she is this morning when she arises. He adjusted her SI joint again yesterday. (she has had trouble with the hereditary SI joint problem for years)

I hope Vick can come out and sit in a lawn chair today so I can maybe put a few more beams up at the barn. We also have to go for animal feed today. We are out of layer pellets, scratch, rabbit pellets, duck starter, chicken starter and need a little more turkey maintainer. I better check the dog feed before we go too!

One of these fine days, Altamont will be calling to say that our special chicks are in and that will be a nice long ride up there to get them. Also, I need to schedule an inspection for the car too, and go to the DOT building to transfer and license my camper to New York from Pa. The swimming pool needs to be opened and cleaned soon. I need to fix the tractor shed roof where the tree fell on it. I have new roost boards and poles for the hen house yard that need installed. I need to build two hutches for the female bunnies and two pens for the males. Then in my spare time I should frame out the upstairs of the barn hayloft. Once the beams are done and the steps placed and the floor laid and finished. I have to go and pick up the 2x4’s for the framing and the perlins for the board and batten walls on the bottom of the barn too.

Yikes….everything comes at once! (or we wait until the last minute and it always looks that way, who knows.)

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