Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2nd… Gloomy.. damp .. ugly sort of day on the farm

The rooster is a crowin’ in the pen... the chickens want out and the duckies are quacking their discontent at being fenced in… they want to hit the Pupskill Bay Lake with the wild geese, mallards and wood ducks that have taken up residence there.

The chickens just can’t wait to start rooting in the mulch and continuing their digging out of all the plants in the flower beds looking for worms, grubs and bugs. Soon we will not have any flowers in there…. only barren mulch scuffed around in hills and valleys created by zealous chickens on their quest for food.

It is supposed to rain today again …. off and on… but they say it should be very little rain, so we will work on the barn…quitting when the rain starts and starting again when the rain quits. We’ll see what we can do before 5:00 when we quit to go to Rich’s for Friday dinner. That's the nice thing about working for yourself...You're the BOSS...........

There should be no bird deliveries today….I think they refrain from Friday deliveries so they don’t get caught with birds over the weekend, requiring someone to come in and water and feed, so we should be free of that little interruption.

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