Monday, May 26, 2008

May 27th… Little changes but the date…..

Ever wonder why people place demands on you when you owe them nothing? You're barely in their lives....seldom do they call you or offer any help..... yet they demand you give them what they would never think of giving you! Strange how people justify their thoughts and actions. Stranger yet that they think you will forever tolerate them as they continue to blindly place their demands.


One good thing happened today. Vick received an email from her Son and a phone call from her Grandson….both of which cheered her up immensely! They, along with her cousin and family have been calling regularly to find how she is doing and trying to cheer her up. Long Island must be a loving, caring place!!! (thanks means a lot to her that you care and are thinking about her) Those who remain close to us, we love and enjoy…..the rest need to be healthy and live a long life.

The shot of Toradol Vick got yesterday did nothing, the Toradol and Lyrica pills from Rite-Aid did nothing either. I think the only thing that worked a little was the Zanex she took. We’ll hopefully go to Dr. Lee tomorrow and contact Mary Lou Murrock, Vicki's family Dr. for an appointment tomorrow at the Greenville Family Health Care office in the Bryant’s Mall if we possibly can.

We are going to rent a skid steer from Windham Equipment Rentals instead of using Dick’s equipment, because his boy’s need it this time of the year for their construction business and the trailer, skid steer, forks and time all would need to be available at the same time, let alone work with the weather, so we will just rent it from Windham. We understand that they are all very busy now and we were actually going to rent from Windham until Jeff said to rent from his dad.

I got the long, miserable, boxed in, 2nd long beam up and nailed into place today. I will next, drill the holes, countersink them and install the four threaded rods and nuts to bolt the two beams together before setting the eleven floor joists.

It’s going slow for sure, but we’ll get it completed on time for the animals to inhabit this fall. By the way, Here are the updated picture of them on the rear deck yesterday.

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