Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23rd… Vicki the same…. on her way to CAT scan!

We have an appointment with Greene County Imaging today at 1:45 for Vick to jump through “the ring” for Dr. Lee, after which, we hope to see the reason for her constant excruciating pain. When someone whimpers without end…..constantly…..non-stop…..except to breath from midnight till dawn and beyond……SIX SOLID HOURS! You know they are definitely in pain!!!!!!!!! I feel terrible I cannot do something to stop it. It makes me feel that she thinks I don’t care because I fall asleep at times, but most of the time I just lay there and listen. I would take the pain upon myself in a heart beat if I could, but I cannot. She takes medicine all night long, at intervals, and it does nothing. I certainly hope they find it today…..I don’t know how much more she can take and I know she is scared about not walking and her legs appear to be getting weaker. Please God….today!

I may place a few beams today before we go if I can. I would like to get the 2nd long beam in place and bolted to the first one, so we are ready for the eleven office beams to be set on Monday. If I could get the 6 right hand beams set and the long bolted beam, I would be ready and happy for Monday. If I could get the 14’ 8”x12” front beam set also, I would be ecstatic!!! We’ll see what happens till Monday.

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