Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9th…. Day spent collecting materials, planning and such!

What could a body do anyway? Rained about all day long!!! We went to Lowe’s, picked up stuff we needed and got flowers for the rear deck. Vick planted them in the barrel planter and they look beautiful! She will do the window boxes tomorrow. We grabbed some water plants for the garden pond out front too.

While we were down that way, we went to PriceChopper and picked up all the stuff needed for this Sunday's Mother's day cookout. We will have sweet Italian sausage with peppers and onions, (just like the state fair and festivals) hamburgers and steak. Yum...can't wait! Spring is REALLY HERE!!!! Rich, Robin, Kenny, Katie, Joe and Anita will be in attendance that day.

Tomorrow morning, after coffee and doughnuts, we will go to GNH and pick up the 6x6s and some other things needed to progress at the barn. We will then install the 4 posts and lock them in. Then well do the bottom boards for the board and batten’s around the perimeter. Then we will install the all-thread in each board through the posts at the bottom. In the interior posts and the porch posts, we will drill angled holes and drive a 4 foot piece of re-bar in each direction into the ground. (these re-bar and all-thread keep the posts from sinking under the load of the loft and roof.

We didnt hang the nylon screen to keep the birds from escaping their spaces in the brooding house, so that will need done tomorrow sometime too. That won’t take long with scissors and a staple gun. We’ll use a lath strip at the bottom and staple it fast at the top and let it hang down on the lath strip. Problem Solved!!!!! I even have hooks to place at the ceiling to roll the screen strip up and hang it on to clean inside. COOL HUH???

Someday soon the pictures of the barn will reflect all the work being done as we snap them. Right now they all look the same. The work we are now doing doesn't show up on a picture. Keep watching.

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