Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 3rd… We ended a lousy day sleeping!!!

Vicki and I decided that since her back was out, we would just lay off the barn today since it was nasty, cold and damp out there. Tomorrow it is to clear off around noon, so maybe we can get with the program then. I can go out in the morning (as long as it isn’t raining) and put the beam hangers up for the inside 2x6’s, then we will be ready to place beams when it get’s nicer in the afternoon.

We will have to knock off a little while tomorrow to go to Stanley Maltzman’s opening in Rensselaerville, NY at the Guggenheim Pavilion of the Rensselaerville Institute. He is displaying Nude art there during the month of May and when Vicki called him about where he buys his watercolor paper in bulk, he reminded us the display opened tomorrow. He had given us an invitation postcard at the watercolor class we took last week, but I had forgotten about the display with the barn and chickens and everything, so I’m glad he reminded us.

Stanley has been such an inspiration to both Vicki and myself and a driving force, along with Danny’s Thursday input, that has kept us involved with, improving and enjoying watercolor painting. I wish that I could improve as quickly as Vicki has, but you must invest the time, which she has, while I have not, so you get back what you put into it I guess. I am improving much faster now than before, and I enjoy it as a result. Before I was somewhat disgusted with the results and that didn’t afford a real zest for spending more time, but the formal classes do help you concentrate on improving and Danny being here every Thursday keeps you going and involved, where as you would find other things you needed to do instead. It will be so much more enjoyable for me when I can sit down and paint without thinking about a barn or deck or brooding house I am building. When all is done and I can relax, I will enjoy painting and art in general, much more then than now.

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