Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Beautiful Mountain, Sunset & Moon. All's Right With The World!

This was a cold, windy day for trying to work outside. I don't think the temperature was that bad, but the wind cut through me like a knife. I want so bad to be outside working on the new brooding house or the proposed barn we will be building as soon as we can. We just had Troy Stone and topsoil deliver 24 tons of #2 crushed limestone.......the beginning of our new barn. We will have the plans from Richie this week and will be turning the lumber list into Cooksburg Lumber to be filled right after the Easter holiday. As soon as the lumber is delivered, Vicki and I will be setting the many 6"x 6" posts for the superstructure of the new barn that will be 60' long by 30' with a full hay loft overhead. We can hardly wait to get started. I guess in the mean time, I better be satisfied building the brooding house and I have new thoughts on that too. I am making it with hinged platforms so we can hatch or raise chicks, ducks, guinea hens and turkeys in this one brooding house, at the same time.

This evening was a pretty one. We went looking for the sunset and below is what we found. The first one I call Big Blue and Friends. It is a phrase coined by a our very dear friend Stanley Maltzman, famous Hudson Valley Artist and Freehold resident. It refers to the blue Catskill mountain called Windham High Peak and all the other lower mountains as seen from the Freehold heights area, all of which look blue from that distance. See the picture below. After that, see the beautiful sunset we saw and then the moon when we got home, shining directly over the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm.

This is Big Blue and Friends.

How beautiful the sunsets are up here.

Last light of the day, filled with beauty!

A real Lunar Beauty overhead looking earthward.

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