Saturday, March 8, 2008

Long Rainy Days are for the Birds!

What a lousy, cold, Damp day. It rained nearly all day long and the fields are flooded, but the snow is leaving. Tonight, we went to Kingston to do a little shopping at Kohls. They had a huge sale and Vicki wanted to get picture frames for her paintings. We got really nice ones for $20.00 each. Wow! What a deal!! After that we met the family at the China Wok for dinner. I'm tired, don't know where the disc may be with todays pictures on it and I can't keep my eyes open long enough to find Vicki to ask her, Therefore, I will give some of you a treat and post one of my poems that will be in my book when it is published. I'll post again tomorrow.

A Vigilant Leaf of the Cluckin’ “A” Farm

By Skip Watt


As years before it happens always, in the spring right after thawing,

watched from a tiny bud it grew, all through the summer, for we knew,

when its life neared end of summer, before fall ushered into slumber,

and turned to red it’s changing face, still occupied my walkway place.

The morning breeze now carries on it, thoughts of winters freezing sonnet,

and all become surrendered forage, carried by this wind so torrid,

yet hangs this one on a sunlit morning, even though the wind’s still warning,

tomorrows winter, frozen water, in which time you’ll fade and falter.

through winter chills it hung in there, still waving though the world is bare,

the morning of the last deep snow, I said “it’s gone” was hid below,

late in that afternoon appear, it’s melted signal “I’m still here,”

others left me till next summer, mine’s still hanging here in slumber.

now it’s gone, from lofty perch, this ice was bad, I’ve looked and searched,

Just when I thought Twas gone for good, it re-appeared, I knew it would,

yes, at my feet, incased in ice, remains my leaf, bright red still nice,

as if were mounted in natures frame, still shines in glory and looks the same.


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