Monday, March 17, 2008

What A Beautiful Day it T'was!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

Vicki and I have just returned from our neighbor’s house where we were treated to a traditional corned beef & cabbage meal that was second to none! Joan is Irish and really knows how to whip up the best I’ve ever eaten. We all had a nice dinner, some good wine and conversation followed up with coffee and delicious apple pie. What a treat!! Charlie is Italian and whips up quite a few special dishes from time to time also, according to Joan. I always enjoy having them here or when we go over to visit them.

Casey Mae is settling in quite nicely but is taxing her welcome with the other dogs. This afternoon, we laughed as we watched each dog move in turn, as Casey Mae went to each and started to play. They only allowed that for a minute or so before getting up and moving on, making her move to the next reclining dog.

Just received the new lens for the camera this afternoon. It is an 18 to 200 which solves the problem of carrying all the lenses. Before we carried the zoom, the wide angle, the multiplier, and the 75 - 300mm zoom. Now we have the new one which is 18 wide angle to 200mm zoom. One lens does it all. Below are some of the results of the new lens. Check it out!!!!

A Labrador Pointer???????

The first picture above was taken with lens Zoomed Out, the second is Zoomed In! What a fantastic lens!

Always under a Watchful Eye!

I Knew ya was up There!!!!

The Aces of Quack!

The Chickens Are On It!

The whole Durned Gang!! All but the "Crab Assed", Tri-colored, girlie, Dutchess, who is usually by herself somewhere!

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