Monday, March 24, 2008

The Real Start of Spring and ours

I have always kind of considered the first day of Spring to be the day after Easter. I know the actual day designated as the first day of Spring was on March 20th, but due to the freezing weather present during that time of the year, and since Easter is usually late in April, the temperatures are usually more consistent with what you would expect for Spring. We always, therefore, considered the first day after Easter to be the (preferred) 1st day of Spring. This year, Easter was extremely early and today was a frigid 20 degrees, so the birds were even protesting by sitting on the tree limbs with heavy coats on, waiting for the warming rays of the sun and not singing their usual songs. I think they were as disgusted as I was. We all want Spring and warm sunshine..... flowers and warm breezes.


Above are the leftovers of the master builders and draftsmen. The modifications made, the draftsmen are gone, the audience is gone also and only the leftovers serve as a mute testimonial of the work and supervising done here last evening.


The day will warm, and Vicki and I will begin our days work on the brooding house out back. We'll post pictures tonight. 

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