Saturday, March 29, 2008

March 29 - 11:04

Spent the day gathering up materials for the brooding house since it was so cold outside. Got another gallon of barn red stain and the next nice day that it is over 40 degrees, we’ll slap another coat of stain on the brooding house……until then, we will work on the hinged shelves inside.

We’ll probably go to Agway tomorrow to order our chicken poults, Turkeys and ducklings. We will definitely have everything done before they come in and are ready to pickup. We cannot order our guinea hens until May we’re told, so they will have to wait.

Had my birthday dinner at the Mountain View Brassiere Restaurant on route 32 this evening. We all had excellent meals and exquisite desserts afterward. I am Truly Blessed with a great Family!! What a treat!!

I promise we will shoot more pictures tomorrow than today. Here are a few random shots.


Bunnice Kay Rabbit helping herself to some bird seed under the bird feeder. 

Picture of the beautiful Big Blue after sunset

Now a daily occurrence overhead as they return from down south.

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