Monday, March 10, 2008

Down On the Farm

Today, with spring so prominently present in the air, I suppose I should settle down to plan a new hen brooding pen or actually, a better name for it would be a brooding house. I told Vicki I would build an 8 x 8 building that we could use for peeps. Either allowing a hen to actually "perk a clutch of eggs" or maybe buy an incubator and hatch a clutch and then raise them in this brood house until they are ready to be free ranging this summer when I build the larger barn. We plan to incorporate a roosting / nesting quarters in one area of the barn. Here they can come and go as they please, roosting high up at night and a place for them to return to lay their eggs. All other times they can roam the property, picking ticks and other bugs out of the yard. We plan to have some guinea hens too, which will share this space with the chickens. On the lower level, we may possibly have some rabbits roaming around. Who knows. Anyway, today seems like a good day to plan the brooder house and make a lumber list for that. More with pictures later. See ya!

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