Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sunshine's Back & Water's a-runnin'

What a beautiful morning....unless you go into our basement where there is a slight flooding in the one end near the door. Seems the original construction dude used some cheap tar paper and adhesive on the outside block near the top of the basement door and it has deteriorated and the snow melt water is pushing through the cement block, so I need to parge the inside with a tar substance to stop the water, which I am going to do as soon as it drys a little bit more. We have heaters in there now to dry it before it starts melting outside again, so as soon as it's dry enough, We'll be down there smearing black poop on the block seams. We are going to post Vicki's latest art work of a guys dogs. She did these because she just loves to do them and they look good on the wall too. Enjoy and we'll be back later after we're done smearing the poop stuff.

This was done about a month ago for a guy further upstate.

Here is another picture of the same guy's other dog. Vicki just completed it last night. This will look very nice on our wall and maybe we will give a copy to a breeder in Vermont. Who knows.

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