Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day Two - Rain....I HATE IT!

I HATE RAIN! But who am I......certainly not a duck. They LOVE IT!!!!! Well, more power to em. They had to sit in the duck house waiting for this, so I guess they should enjoy it. They are running all around jamming the duck bills into the stones and muddy water, slurping happily. Maybe this is winter actually losing it's grip on us. OOOOOOH, I LOVE THE RAIN!

 Still about as deep a slush as can be tolerated in our driveway.  3 inches of it!

If this keeps thawing, duckies will be swimming here later today!

Flooding is already prevalent in the streams, still a plus for all ducks.  Later, provided there is a small portion of today that is suitable, we will get some pictures of the duckies enjoying the thaw. Check back later for the update.

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