Friday, March 28, 2008

boring day

What an ugly day, nothing to do this morning.  Snow everywhere and Skip and I are beat from the past days work on the brooding house.  It's friday again and I have a chiropractors appointment and from there supper with the family, a friday night ritual.  I'm looking out the window in our office to see the pupskill froze over and my beautiful John Deere covered in snow.  Duckies will be unhappy, no swim today.  Casey Mae had her first experience with snow.  She woke me 2am this morning to go out and discovered the snow.  She definitely likes it since she had me up twice more making me think she had to go but instead just wanted to play in the snow.  I got 4 hours sleep in the early morning after Skip went downstairs for his morning coffee.  Casey is trying to get close to Bear but so far no luck.  See pictures.

Casey Mae trying to get close to Bear

Snavely Mill trying to help out.

A brave attempt.  My camera wasn't fast enough to get the next shot of Bear tossing Casey in the air.  Next picture is where she landed.

notice the mouth full of fur.

She left the room looking disgusted and hurt

She ran to daddy looking for sympathy

Princess got jealous.

Princess really loves her daddy


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