Monday, March 17, 2008

Good Night with a New Dog

We had an excellent night with Casey Mae, our newest addition to the Cluckin' "A" dogs.  She is a beautiful little Black Labrador Retriever. We got her from a breeder in Pawlet, Vermont that is known the world over for her quality Labs.

We went to bed, placing her soft crate right beside the bed and in doing so let the other dogs lounge around her, Casey Mae went to sleep and slept all night long without a whimper. She didn't move until this morning when the other dogs started to stir. She is so cute, Rich and Katie came over last night just to see her and fell in love with her immediately.

She is such a Beautiful puppy and all the Cluckin' "A" dogs love her too!

Look at me.....I'm a biggie Girl!


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