Sunday, March 2, 2008

Books, Poems, paintings and glass works

Just got back from Kingston again where we met the family for a dinner buffet. It was good as usual, then off to Barnes and Noble where we checked out the art books for any new or discounted watercolor books. Found none, so we bid all the family good bye and headed for home. Put the chickens and ducks to bed when we got home and discussed painting or working on my new book. It will be entitled:


                An Uncommon Journey

             A Woman, A Man, Four Dogs, Some Land & Their Dreams

It will tell about how Vicki and I got together, compared our life's dreams and did something about them. I just started it today and I'm quite psyched about it. We also announced that we would be expanding the Cluckin' "A" Dogs from 4 to 5 on the 20th of March, because we will be picking up our new Black Lab from Pawlet, Vermont. I am also pumping out new poems daily and will be offering them in book form as soon as I finish them and contact Black Dome Press about printing and binding them. Another excitement in my life to add to the three eBooks I've already published.  We will be busy. Vicki is making a stained glass rooster and chicks to be placed in a jewelry store in Catskill. It's partially made at this point and she is constantly painting someone's dog or puppy, so we areboth extremely busy on the farm. As soon as the weather breaks, I am ready to start construction of the proposed barn shown on our web site at  Keep checking back with us to keep updated on all the latest news here on the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm.

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