Monday, March 10, 2008

Poor Governor Spitzer

Shame, Shame! I love it when a blow hard dork that say's one thing, then does another ends up burning his own butt! Such is our Governor, Eliot Spitzer's luck these days. He's done talked himself into trouble on a phone at the wrong place, at the wrong time! Ha, Ha, Ha. He actually caught himself in the act of buying a high priced call girl on tape during a sting operation in Washington, DC. I'll bet there are a lot of sleazy people in New York state that are laughing and saying that he is finally gonna get his. I always say that if you live in the shadows long enough, someone will turn the lights on you sooner or later, so you better not be one of those guys that's shining a flashlight on everybody else when the lights come on and expose you!  I'll bet he's no longer known as Mr. Clean or Eliot Ness now.   Nuff Said Bout Him.

Worked on the brooding house plans today, checked kit prices at Lowe's and Home Depot, Lowe's were high and Home Depots weren't out yet. Vicki checked with a local guy that sells little red barn type buildings, but they were way more expensive. Looks like I'll be "Bob the Builder" errr ah, "Skip the Builder" again in a day or two. Can't do it tomorrow, cause I will be taking "Sweet Vicki" down to Jersey for two appointments. Maybe I'll start it on Wednesday. I like building stuff long as it doesn't have to be too square, or straight or even or ah.....heck, I guess I can use a level and measure stick if I haf ta.  Got a few pictures to post for ya'all


You's guys can trust us........Honest 

Hee, Hee, Hee...........................  

Why,  I would never trust such a snickering scoundrel myself......

Don't look at me, I work und'a Cov'a! Like Da Cops!!

Ol' Sam the work horse down the road. We say hi all the time!

And finally, this is Alf and Ralph, our Red Eared Sliders. They're Big'ens.

Another good end to another good day! See Ya Tomorrow!

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