Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter to all in the Coming Morning!

Happy Easter to all. The above link is a cute little thing that was sent to us yesterday and we felt it might lighten someone's day during this holiday weekend, but please don't miss the importance of the holiday.

I find that if you are a person that believes in God, there is very little you can do to have God frown upon you. For one thing, if you are a believer, your conscience will not allow you to purposely do something wrong. If it was truly a mistake or something that resulted in a innocent mistake, He is very forgiving of your mistakes..............No Father will punish you for a truly innocent mistake. Nor will this Father! 

If you are not a believer, perhaps tomorrow would be the perfect time to ask him to come into your heart, so you will believe. It is hard to believe that all the beautiful things in this life happened without a higher power providing them for us. Think about it.....

Please.........take a minute tomorrow and bow your head and ask God to bless everyone on this Easter Sunday and be with our troops overseas and protect them. Ask that he bless the sick and needy and finally you and all your family.  


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