Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring's Just Around The Corner!

Strange the conflicting senses afforded to one as they know one thing and see another. Take for instance the following pictures I took just this morning. In one, you see the buds of the tree limb, indicating beyond a shadow of doubt, that spring is here......why just the other day, Vicki and I saw four or five robins in the back yard. Now look at the second picture I took by simply turning 90 degrees and shooting the picture of the wishing well that covers our well casing and the "4077 M.A.S.H." type sign post beside it.  SURE looks like the dead of winter to me. The next picture of the desolate duck pond also reinforces winters hold over us.  Again, it's strange what knowing one thing and seeing another does to your mind.

Spring Buds on the tree limbs

Spring is here? Doesn't look like it to me!!!

In fact, this looks more like Alaska and winter time, not spring.

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