Saturday, March 29, 2008

The end to a Boaring Day and The Better Tomorrow

March 29th......6:47 AM

We are now over the Boring day and moving on....Come on Sun! With a beautiful sunrise such as this, perhaps the sun will melt the snow and give us back our Spring. I hope, I'm tired of the winter weather and all the slop of snow melting. Vick is tired of the mud, and now we'll have that all over again too.

We went to Richie's house for dinner and Vicki and I were both presented with a very nice Bariloche pocket watch for each of our birthdays. Rich said "If you're gonna be a farmer, ya need a pocket watch!" Looking ahead, maybe we'll get some bib overhauls too. We will celebrate my birthday this evening at a local restaurant since mine was 3/27 and Vick's birthday is on 4/7. We will celebrate hers then and shortly after that is Anita's on April 22 and then Anita and Joe's anniversary in May 1st. We'll have a lot of celebrating in the next month, by-gollie. We snapped a few pictures for you to see until we get back to work on the farm again.

Snavely Mill showing Casey Mae the ropes around the kitchen.

Just before we left for Richie's we were visited at the squirrel feeder.

They come in rather close....even if you're outside.

Scenery along the road to Richie's house.

A very tranquil setting on a lovely lake. One of Vicki's favorite properties to view as we pass by.

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