Friday, March 28, 2008

Gone the Spring to Winters Grasp Once Again.....

Again I awake to a beautiful sunrise? No, not today……for I have 2 inches of snow on the ground and more falling between changes to rain and back again to snow. I know it will last but a day, if that long….but I’m tired already! I want warm sunny mornings….soft, warm breezes and beautiful sunsets. We’ve done our time…we’ve endured winter since November of last year and had more than enough snowfall to satisfy winter. I suppose the robins and other summer birds that have recently returned feel like going back to their winter retreats, feeling and wondering if they have returned too soon. Give me warmth….give me sun…….give me full fledged Spring!

Pretty, but not necessary on my behalf!

Again, pretty, but I want no more!

Here are a few pictures of the gut gang members from last evening, late in the game…..just before we went to bed. Then it was mud…not snow.

Mud between my toes....yuk!!!!!

<FONTFACE="COMIC size="4" color="#993300" MS? Sans>Casey Mae is in need of her bed. She is so tired she has to lay down to eat her bedtime snack.

There are some pretty views of the snow after daylight.

Still doesn't look like Spring. So I'll stay inside and do some trim work around a door and window. Also, today, I will finish the lumber list, run errands and other stuff recently neglected due to construction. Pictures at 6:00. (or so)

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