Saturday, March 8, 2008


 Thank God Winkie's back.  It was a long week for my mom and dad worrying about their cat lovingly named Winkie.  I won't tell you how he got his name, it's not that kind of blog.  Winkie is the brother of Danyow our niece katie's cat.  Winkie is a bit camera shy.  My mother is not fond of anything that has beady eyes and a long tail.  We're not allowed to use the M word any where in ear shot of mom.  Every now and then one of those furry little critters sneaks in to get out of the cold and for a bite to eat.  Dad loves cheese and they know when he's eating it.  It's Winkie to the rescue, he's the terminator, as fast as those little citters get in, Winkie sweeps them off their cute little feet and like magic, there gone.  Mousy heaven.  One day Winkie left home to visit his woman and mom who loves to snack before retiring went for her stash  in the night stand drawer, well you would have thought a bear got in (which is impossible dad locks all windows and doors to avoid that saga, he says you never know when a bear will come for a visit.)  But the way she let out a scream it might as well been one.  Where was Winkie, the terminator.  He had some nerve hanging out with his woman when his mother was in such a perdicament.  Mom didn't sleep well until Winkie came home.  Winkie to the rescue, low and behold no more visits from the M---- (mom reads the blog now and again) Thank you Winkie the wonder cat.  Skip and I will sleep well again knowing Winkie is on the job.

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