Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We're wide awake now! And it Snowed!!!

We're fully rested this morning after a non stop day in New Jersey yesterday which left us both drained last night.  We tried to put more pictures on the post last night, but nothing works right when you're beat. We saw so many signs of spring yesterday and the air was warm and smelled of spring down there. We saw Forsythia starting to push out in buds, Crocus and lots of flowering fruit trees budding, which tells me that in a week or two, the garden state will again be back in it's blossoming glory. I report this as I look out my window this morning and see snowflakes falling again. (I'll just keep yesterday in mind. Here are some more pictures for you to do the same) More later.

 Forsythia pushing buds! SPRING is HERE!!!!

A beautiful yard full of Crocus!!

Now look at these and say Spring isn't here!

Here in Jersey it's Happenin'! There are things to paced living...any store you can imagine...everything open 24/7....the ocean....the food.... OR

This at home!!   What is your choice?


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