Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 30th….. COLD! But we have a Pretty Blue Sky!!

The sun is up with a hint of warmth from the sun, but that remains to be seen. The bad thing about being up before sunrise every day is that you still cannot plan your day beyond what the stupid, seldom right, weather reports say. Like right now……..will we be painting the brooding house today? Who knows!…..Will it be warmer than 40 degrees?…..who knows! All we really know is that we can work on the inside of the building and get ready for the chicks. I don’t want to get chicks until the house is painted, due to the fumes, but I think if we can paint today or somewhere during this week, we’ll be ok, because the chicks will take at least a week to come in, once we order them, which we will do today.

We can also measure and drive the bazillion stakes in the ground to mark out the new Barn. That should make the eastern pasture look like an airborne porcupine landed there upside down from 20,000 feet. KERR-SPLAT!!

There will be 32 stakes for the barn covering 70’ x 30’ and then stakes for the fence posts around the perimeter of the east pasture, which should be another ?????? bunch of stakes which I won’t know until we actually run a soft tape around the perimeter today and actually get a measurement.

I suppose we will make another “thunder run” to Lowes or Home Depot if we cannot paint. If we can we will probably fly to GNH Lumber since it’s not quite as far as Catskill. For the price difference in 2x4’s and hinges, it really won’t matter where we grab them. Oh well, at least we will be shooting pictures for ya’ll where ever we go today.

We also finalized and printed our Logo on stickers which we will post on all egg cartons now and anywhere else we can to promote the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm. Below is the Logo sticker we are using. Up till now, all of you reading this were our advertisers and we still need you all to spread the word to friends, neighbors and acquaintances to read the web site and Blog daily. For all who do THANKS and KEEP IT UP!


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