Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What an amazing puppy!

Good Morning!

Above: A lovely morning sky.    Below: The Pupskill Bay Bell

Live and Learn! An old adage that still holds true for those of us willing to look closely and use it. This morning I watched Casey Mae functioning as if she was an adult canine, equipped with years of knowledge acquired by doing, seeing and learning. This little puppy is only 8 wks, 2days old today and is like a miniature, adult dog. She comes when you call her…picking up her name within only 2 days of being here. We know this because she pays no attention when we call the other four dogs by name. She may look, but goes right back to whatever she was previously doing. Call her name and she stops immediately, looks directly at you and the starts hopping and comes straight to you. She is very resourceful too. I noticed that before we go out and Vicki puts her in her cage downstairs, she starts to whine. If that doesn’t bring immediate results, she tries switching to a little bark, then a loud, chopping bark, followed by a chopping bark and a long howl and when nothing else works, she switches to the classical Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Hound of the Baskervilles” howl. You know……the type of howl you’d hear in a 1950’s horror classic with long, drawn out bawls that can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Now remember, I had a kennel, so I’m used to barking, howling dogs and puppies, but there’s only so much even I can take, so she could in fact, win out if we stayed in the area long enough.

She gets food when she’s hungry, water when thirsty, plays when she wants to and drops to the floor and sleeps where ever she feels like it, so I keep asking myself, what’s wrong with a dogs life again?

She travels very nicely and doesnt get car sick at all. She sat on Vicki’s lap all the way home from Pawlet, Vermont and was a pleasure to have there. This was the time she really exhibited her cuddly, loving nature by being so good for the 89 mile ride back home. We are really excited because being so perfect at this early age means she will easily be molded into exactly what we want her to be when fully grown.

What an intelligent little girl!

Here we have the newly formed "Early Morning Poop Group"


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