Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yowl.......Too BIG, so we Sized her down some!!!

Well, today we made our trek to the Agway to find that they close early. No chickie, duckie or turkey orders placed today. We'll have to run over and do it tomorrow.

Also.....Today was very enlightening! After running to Lowe's and getting plywood, hinges and 2x4's, we grabbed the stakes and started staking out the barn. (again) YOWL..... 70 x 30 feet is way too big! We staggered into the house and redesigned the barn and came up with 24 x 24 feet with the push out office now 12 x 12 feet. We continued to stake that out and it looked a little better. The other one was large enough to play football in. This will make it way more affordable and quicker to build, but we still have the Bazillion stakes to drive where the fence posts go. 

We snapped pictures everywhere we went and even caught "Deer-Deer" in the front yard before leaving. I called to her at the end of the driveway and she came in to the yard to see me. While there, she found an apple we threw out to Bunnice Kay last evening. Bunnice Kay didn't eat it all, so "Deer-Deer" took advantage and did eat it. . as Vicki clicked the shutter and I talked to her as she ate.


She came into the driveway as soon as I called to her.

She spied an apple we threw out last evening to Bunnice Kay.

I walked closer and talked to her.

And Closer!

And Closer and Closer!!

And as close as could BE!!!!

But when she finished the apple........she was Outta There!

As we said in the past.....Spring is here. Look at the blossoms here now.

There is no disputing it! SPRING IS HERE!!

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