Monday, March 24, 2008

The Brooding House (1 thru 9)

This morning I started by leveling a spot where we want the brooding house and leveling it with #2 stone.

Here I leveled the stone for the foundation.

Then floor section is done and the front wall with door opening.

We stacked the first two wall sections against the potting shed.

Moving the floor assembly into place.

Locating the floor assembly in the correct position is critical.

All the walls are ready to be assembled tomorrow.

Here is a picture of the floor in position in relation to the regular duck house.

Tomorrow, we install the walls, the T-111 siding, roof rafters, perlins, tin roofing and paint the building. When dry, the door will be installed and the two windows mounted and sealed. It will probably be another full day of work for Vicki and I. Vick was a tremendous help today since she can measure and cut two bi's as fast as I can position them and nail em'.

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