Friday, March 7, 2008

Embrace your life and enjoy happiness

Every day we grow older and along with age comes knowledge and new understanding. A couple of weeks ago or maybe a little longer, we stopped to grab a few bags of pellets for our stove from the man we bought the stove from. He is a pleasant man we have only known a short time, but immediately liked and considered a friend. Anyway when we got the pellets, Vicki went to the store to pay for them as I loaded them into the truck. When she returned, she was visibly shaken and said that the cleaning lady was in the house and told her that George had to take his wife to the hospital. It was an emergency and she wasn't expected to live much longer. Wednesday, we drove by and saw his "open" sign was lit, so we decided to stop and pay for the pellets that we got that day, weeks ago. When Vicki asked if everything was ok with his wife, he informed us that she had passed away the previous week. How sad. This friendly, loveable man ready to help anyone and a soul that trusts the world has had his wife taken from him. Our hearts were broken. She had a rare and extremely fast cancer that when found, had spread all through her body. Tests showed nothing previously....doctors were baffled. We offered our condolences and told him if we could help with anything, anytime, just call. We felt so little... helpless...we wanted to do something to stop his pain, but it is impossible. We left shattered.  As we left, he carried on, cleaning spilled pellets from the driveway, looking lost, almost in a stupor. It was heart breaking to observe. Pray for George and his wife. Ask God to grant her peace with him and ease George's pain in this time of his loss.

For those of us, live and learn friends. Love those around you like today was the last time you may ever see them. It could be just that. We never know.

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