Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Time Of Puppy Draws Near

Vicki is chirping, cluckin' and flitting around like an old mother hen as she prepares everything for the new arrival from Pawlett, Vermont tomorrow. We will pick up our new Lab puppy, little Casey Mae, from a breeder which I would love to name except that she would like to retain her privacy. She is an excellent breeder / trainer of some 30 years and does not's all by word of mouth and she is very happy with it that way. We will make the drive in the morning and be home by afternoon with Casey Mae who is going to be 8 wk's old and is already acclimated to riding in a car and comes running when you call her. Vicki is as excited as a chipmunk in a peanut factory and just can't wait. She has wanted to have a Lab all her life. Tomorrow, that dream joins the many others that came true since moving to New York and the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm.

Vicki's cousin Rob, from Long Island, was here Thursday evening through Friday morning because of some business in the area and while enjoying his visit with us, I rapidly tried to do an entry to the blog and got a wrong program which resulted in a jumble of the graphics and html codes on the pages of our web site .  My apologies to all who tried to use the site and our great thanks to our good friend Scot P. from New Jersey for bringing it to our attention so fast. It should now be repaired and operating correctly. Again, Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Last evening we went to Vicki's brother's home for dinner and clicked a few nice pictures of the areas we pass through on the way. Here they are.

Rush hour....6:15 PM ........just outside of Lexington, New York.

Beautiful are the many sights most residents pass by and never notice!

The blending of years and technology.

A very quaint sight on Bay Bridge Farm. Just Beautiful to behold as you drive by.

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