Sunday, March 9, 2008

Long Day.....Cold Day, but a good day

Today was a long, cold, but good day here on the Cluckin' "A". We did the work to the duck Barn, Vicki let the Duckies run around and I, between runs from barn to house, collected 10 chicken eggs and Emily's one duck egg. I replaced all three bulbs in the garden pond light post, so tonight we are lit up again. Vicki is entranced or possibly held hostage by her new camera, which is a unique little bugger. It can fit in your shirt pocket, yet takes great pictures and can make a video in the dark. Amazing! After feeding everyone on the farm and making sure all water buckets were satisfied, Vicki and I traveled down to Cairo for dinner at Eddie Russo's Ristorante, the finest Italian food in the area. Well, at least for the very best linguini and white clam sauce anyway. The best Veal Parmigiano and spaghetti dish belongs to Frank at the Greenhill Cafe. The very best Pizza is from Paul's in Coxsackie. And Now you know! Goodnight!


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