Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Rain Stops……But mud continues forever!

Casey Mae being the angel she can be



The miserable, dreary rain has stopped….the rain that brings us all the lousy mud which finds it’s way to clothing, shoes and carpet. It is so terrible….. everywhere…Mud, Mud, Mud and there’s nothing you can do to stop it unless you stay inside and don’t venture out anywhere. That, my friends, doesn’t happen when you have five doggies with their need of the outdoors. You never really realize how many times a dog goes outside in a days time until you get into mud season and it rains for days.

Casey Mae is finally starting to seem like one of the group, but Pooh Bear is still not infatuated with her and Dutchess has only improved slightly with her “lip roll” to some degree. (the “lip roll” is what you do when a puppy gets close to you, especially when you’re a “real crab assed ” adult dog)

Anyway, Princess is tolerant of her, almost…..and Snavely has gotten over the fear factor thing and is starting to play with her. They are cute to watch and considering Casey has only been here a little over 3 days, and she can now get close to two out of four dogs, that’s not too bad.

Yo Baby.......Wanna play?

Now you've gone and done it!

You're goin' down big girl!

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