Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where the hell did Spring go now?



March 26th……snowing and raining and just plain ugly for a spring day…..especially a spring day that I could be out there finishing up the brooding house, so we can move on to the big barn project. Maybe today since I can’t work outside, I will finish the lumber list for the big barn and get with Charlie to call Frank and get the lumber cost then find out when it can be cut and delivered. At least that will be a start. Vicki and I need to set pins and measure for square from the footprint to know where we will be planting the 32 posts. After that, I need the excavator and a skid steer with post hole auger attachment and I’ll be off and flying.

Casey Mae is like having a 5 year old puppy. She is now about 10 weeks old and is all but trained, sleeps all night, plays all day, and causes little mess, if any at all. She has been the most perfect puppy we’ve ever had.

I’m still a little under the weather with the sinus drip. I can’t seem to kick this thing and if I’m not careful and follow "nurse Vicki’s" instructions, I'll end up with a chest cold or bronchitis every time. If I listen to Nurse Vicki, I will be fine. ( I love her, she is my “nurse Vicki” and my “Sweet Vicki”) Anyway, if I listen to her I will always be in good shape. I tease and kid her, but she is my life and I love and adore her.


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