Friday, March 21, 2008

The Relentless Hold of Winter

Every day I look for spring!....... SO, where is it?

Yesterday was a disgusting way to start Spring 2008, with the high winds causing nose, ears and fingers to be numb enough, coupled with the requirement of a heavy coat, that you had difficulty doing anything outside except for walking out and saying "Man, it's too cold to be out here doing anything."

This morning.......more of the same. I really do try to find good in this........but it's really hard to do so when you have a list of desired things to do that you've been planning since way back in the middle of winter. You know, back when the days were so short you couldn't count on the suns light for warmth because it made such short appearances........up at 7:00 and down by 5:00....Now we have it up at 6:15 and down around 8:00, yet still no spring.

It's about 30 degrees out there right now and snow flurries are blowing by on 20 to 30 mph winds that chill you to the bone. DAMN that miserable groundhog in Pa. He should be staked, spread eagle beside his burrow, in the sun, tied with leather thongs moistened with water and watch him writhe in pain as the sun causes them to shrink and stretch him. (just punishment for seeing his shadow, the lousy dirt rat!)

I have the stone.....will have the plans for the barn this evening (I hope) and will rent the excavator to start the 2' deep footer for the barn next week. After that, I will rent the skid steer loader w/ the post hole attachment and set the posts for the super structure, tie it in and be ready for the framing crew from Jersey. With all this accomplished and under way.......surely spring will find favor in residing here for a season. We hope.

Another view of a Spring day #2 at the Cluckin' "A" Farm.

The lowly start of the future barn below.

Hopefully, This is what we will see in place of the stone pile in a month or so. (with critter under roof on right) Ours will have a push out room over the front opening like below.


Imagine the double sliding doors of the barn where the walk-in door above is located. The room above will be the office of the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm.


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