Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 27th - Calmn Before The they say



March 27th…..another beautiful sunrise over the Pupskill Bay Lake.

Cold...Clear...Frosty. Calling for nasty rain and cold...Later this morning.

If the weather holds long enough, we’ll have the roofing on the new brooding house, corner trim, window and door trim installed and it will be finished outside. There is still some minor trim painting to be done. Hope we beat this rain they’re calling for.

There is inside door trim to be installed and the two hinged wall shelves installed and drop sides for them. After this, we can order our chicks.

We needed the brooding house done before the barn so we had a place to keep all the birds until large enough to release to free ranging on the farm. They will then come to roost in the barn room made for them.

We’ll post some more pictures when done. Stay tuned!!!!!

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