Saturday, March 22, 2008

More on Our Week-end Travels

The Lexington Hotel, along the Schoharie Creek, must have had a regal existence years ago. Look at the size of this building from the rear. 

A view of the Schoharie Creek between the Lexington Hotel above and the Lexington House below.

The Lexington House, which is directly across the Schoharie Creek from the Lexington Hotel, was equally as large and prominent in it's days of glory during the Catskill Resort Era.

I can hear it now...."Oh Come to the Church in the Wildwood..." Perhaps this is the one they meant. It is now occupied by the Historical Society of Lexington. 

As you can see by the above three pictures, there is an abundance of beautiful sights to behold every week when Vicki and I go to her Brother's house to share in their Friday evening dinner. Sometimes we go up through the Katterskill Clove on route 23A and sometimes we just go up through Windham on route 23. Either way, there is always something new and exciting to see as the seasons change. Vicki's family lives in a huge house which encompasses two actual seperate houses connected by a corridor between. One house is Rich and family and the other house belongs to Joe and Anita, Vicki's Mom and Dad. The house is nestled deep in the woods, high up in the mountain near Lexington, NY and the view is breathtaking as witnessed bythe photo below.


Imagine seeing this amount of open land with no that's living in God's Country!

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